Calgary IT Support

Calgary IT Support

Enjoy uninterrupted business operations and smoother IT systems thanks to IT support specialists from Nexix.
IT Support in Calgary

Give Every User in Your Company The Personalized IT Support They Deserve

At Nexix, everyone we talk to is treated as a person, not a number. That’s why our IT solutions are a perfect fit to every problem.

Why choose Nexix for IT support in Calgary?

  • Whether you have 3 end-users or 3,000, let our expert IT technicians give them the 1-on-1 support they deserve.
  • Prevent productivity-killing downtime with 24/7 network monitoring by our seasoned professionals.
  • Find the right IT solutions for the right price by consulting our IT procurement experts.
  • Ensure continuous business operations with proactive IT support focused on uninterrupted workflows.
  • Protect your precious data from threats by letting our support team keep your security tools in check.


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What Nexix IT Support Has to Offer

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24/7 Systems Monitoring
Customer Service-Forward
Agile Reactions
Disaster Recovery Services
Rapid Response For Critical Issues

Let Us Keep Your Systems Going Off-Hours

Ever experienced the dread of an IT system malfunction during a crucial after-hours operation? It’s a tough situation to deal with when most of your resources are done for the day.

At Nexix, we ensure that your IT systems remain robust and reliable, even when the office is empty.

Our cutting-edge monitoring technology tirelessly monitors your systems, ensuring optimal performance and immediate response to any irregularities.

Avoid the dread of overtime interruptions. Always work in peace.

Tailored Support Solutions For Small Companies

Small businesses often grapple with IT challenges that can hinder their growth and operational efficiency. While many IT support providers claim to support SMBs, far too many offer enterprise solutions that don’t quite fit.

Nexix IT support is crafted just for you. We ensure that our services are not merely supportive but are also an active catalyst in your business growth and stability.

As a fellow Calgary small business, we know exactly what yours needs to survive and thrive.

Enjoy Timely Responses With Our Agile Approach

A delayed response to an IT issue or required update can spell disaster for any business. The frustration of waiting for solutions and the anxiety of potential downtime isn’t enjoyable and waiting lets the issue fester.

At Nexix, our small size allows us to bypass bureaucratic delays and provide you with timely, efficient, and effective IT support when you need it the most.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and our agile approach ensures they are consistently met.

Aim For The Best & Be Prepared For The Worst

Imagine the unthinkable: a cyber attack cripples your IT systems, or a natural disaster wreaks havoc on your data centers. The immediate aftermath is chaos, with critical data at risk and operations hanging by a thread.

A solid disaster recovery plan (DRP) is the lifeline you’d need in such scenarios.

Nexix can provide that DRP. Our DRP ensures you transition back to normal operations smoothly and swiftly, with minimal data loss and downtime.

Don’t Wait For Anything Critical

When critical IT issues arise, every minute of downtime translates to lost revenue and eroding customer trust. In such pivotal moments, a swift response is crucial.

That’s why Nexix guarantees that your critical issues will be addressed within 4 hours. That 4-hour mark is our maximum guarantee, chances are, you won’t actually wait that long.

In practice, our team responds to critical issues, on average, within 15 minutes. We understand what problems leaving you waiting can cause.


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IT Support Company in Calgary

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Empower Your Business With Tailored IT Support

With over 60 years of combined experience, Nexix is here to safeguard your operations and enhance productivity.

Why Your Calgary Business Needs Our IT Support

Calgary IT Support

Your Technology Problems Deserve The Right Technology Solutions

Navigating IT challenges can be daunting. The constant evolution of technology and emergence of new problems demand robust solutions. When systems falter, your operations and bottom line are affected.

At Nexix, we prioritize dynamic and innovative IT support. Our customer-centric approach ensures the end-user is always considered first, but not at the expense of your larger business goals.

Let’s build a future where your technology is your strongest asset, not a constant challenge. Choose Nexix, where your IT problems meet the right technology solutions.

Get The Help You Need When You Need It Most

The frustration of encountering an IT issue and being stuck in a support queue is all too familiar. This type of waiting wastes your precious work hours and kills productivity.

Take the waiting game out of your IT support experience. Our prompt response times help ensure that your IT issues don’t linger, preventing potential workflow disruptions and safeguarding your client relationships.

As a small business partner, we also have plenty of capacity to give you tailored 1-on-1 service. That means that when we interact, you’ll truly feel like a valued client, not a checklist item.

IT Support Company in Calgary
IT Support in Calgary

Keep Your IT Network Running Smooth

A smooth-running IT network is the backbone of your business. When unexpected downtimes occur, it doesn’t just disrupt internal processes but also jeopardizes customer interactions and transactions.

At Nexix, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your IT network is operational and optimized.

Our 24/7 IT network monitoring is designed to catch and address issues before they escalate, ensuring that your business operates seamlessly at all times.

Beyond monitoring, our team provides proactive solutions and strategies to enhance your network’s performance and security.

IT Support Services FAQ

Is Nexix’s IT Support Expensive?

At Nexix, we prioritize providing essential managed IT services that align with your budgetary constraints. Understanding the financial aspects that businesses navigate, we ensure our IT support is not only top-notch in quality but also viable for various budgets.

Our commitment to you is to deliver outstanding, affordable IT support to facilitate your business operations seamlessly.

Is Nexix’s IT Support Just For Businesses?

Nexix primarily focuses on B2B IT support. That means our services are specifically for business devices, not personal ones.

However, we may assist you with your personal device if you use it for work as part of a BYOD policy.

Please bear in mind that your employer must be a client. We cannot help with a BYOD device, if your company is not partnered with us.

How Will Nexix Ensure My Data’s Integrity?

At Nexix, we prioritize your data's integrity. We conduct regular, secure backups to protect and ensure easy recovery of your data.

Our robust backup solutions are designed to provide a safety net. The goal of this safety is ensuring continuous access to your vital data and facilitating seamless business operations even in the worst case scenario.

Can Nexix Help Me With a Hardware Issue?

Nexix is fully equipped to assist you with any hardware issues. We offer comprehensive support encompassing hardware, software, and IT infrastructure.

If a hardware malfunction occurs or installation assistance is needed, our expert team is ready. We provide swift, efficient solutions to ensure your business technology operates smoothly and effectively.

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