Software Development

With our industry leading experience over the last sixteen years, Nexix Inc is a top software company in Calgary, Alberta. Our software developers have been providing SaaS solutions to enterprise level consumers for over a decade.

Software Development

Enterprise Software Solutions

When it comes to Software development, we understand there are many key components to factor in when choosing which programming language to use.

In this day in age, choosing a programming language is one thing, choosing a web-framework is another.

Our developers are experts at developing within the Java environment.  For our web applications, we use Java as the development platform for server-side business logic due to its tight integration with Adobe Flex on the client side and industry-leading connectivity with various databases.

Business Software

Increase Your Business Workflow and Productivity

Making the decision to purchase software can feel overwhelming for many businesses just getting their feet under them. It’s scary to commit to a monthly subscription or  fork out the upfront cost when the ROI isn’t immediately apparent.

As technology has progressed over the past several years, sophisticated business technology has become affordable for even the smallest companies. Business software is more accessible than ever these days.

Our team is here to help you streamline your business workflow and improve productivity by providing you with systems that not only fit your business model, but allow you to grow.


Some languages and frameworks we use