Vancouver IT Network Services

Vancouver IT Network Services

Your business requires unimpeded data flow to reach maximal efficiency. With our network support specialists, get peace of mind that your network will always function as it should.
Network Support in Vancouver

Are You Losing Valuable Hours to Downtime?

Modern business requires interconnectivity. Just 1 minute of downtime can run your business 1000s in losses; Nexix won’t let that happen.

Why choose Nexix for network support in Vancouver?

  • Eliminate IT issues any time they appear with round-the-clock 24/7/365 network monitoring services.
  • Keep your network running at peak efficiency with our remote management services and leading technical support.
  • Work with experts who have 25+ years of experience boosting system availability and maintaining business continuity.
  • Streamline operations with optimization support for your network architecture.
  • Work with an efficient infrastructure via expert design, implementation, and deployment services.

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What Our Network Services Include

Computer Network Support
Network Security
Network Infrastructure Support
Network Administration
Network Operations Center (NOC)

Solve Network Issues - Fast

Network issues can impede business operations and can cause huge losses in short amounts of time. A network malfunction means you can't communicate with clients, staff, or even access critical data.

Should these issues arise, Nexix will be there to provide leading solutions to your network problems. Work with a team of experts who leverage advanced diagnostic tools to identify and resolve your network problems.

We make sure your network isn’t just functioning, but reaching its peak efficiency.

Never Let Threats Linger On Your Network

Unnoticed threats can be in your network right now. They can penetrate your system, steal data, and spread without ever being detected. This compromises data security for you and anyone else connected to your network.

Nexix’s comprehensive network security systems ensures this doesn’t happen. We protect every aspect of your network, from your processes to your hardware and technology, to individual devices.

Our dedicated team monitors your network at all times so we can identify and neutralize security issues before they can develop into severe threats.

Modernize Your Infrastructure 

Outdated network infrastructure can hamper efficiency and cause bottlenecks. This limits performance, causes frequent costly downtime, and leaves you vulnerable to security risks.

Nexix is an expert at updating network infrastructures to meet your specific needs and modern demands. We’ll ensure your network is strong, efficient, and fast.

Work With An Expert Network Management Team

Managing multiple network tasks without the requisite expertise is time consuming and risky; a mistake here could lead to extensive downtime and other costly issues.

Work with Nexix and connect with a team that has a professional approach to network administration.

Nexix has years of experience managing networks effectively. We prioritize reliability, security, and efficiency so your network supports your workflow - and never gets in its way.

Keep Every Endpoint on Your Network Secure

Small businesses have many endpoints that require management. Even a company of only 50-100 employees has an average of 114 endpoints connected to their network.

User endpoints are too often where security breaches originate, unfortunately. Managing these endpoints effectively is only possible with the right technology and team.

Nexix’s Network Operations Center has all you’ll need to protect every endpoint. Our NOC monitors desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, workstations, and any other network SNMP device.


How Our Network IT Support Services Help Clients

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Get An IT Network That Helps Your Team Connect and Communicate

If your network experiences downtime and other issues, contact us today to ensure that it starts supporting your team’s success, rather than hinder it.

Network Support Benefits

Vancouver IT Network Services

Elevate Your Business Network Performance To The Next Level

Flagging data transfers and buffering during video conferences are inefficient and unprofessional. These issues can impact deliverables and client satisfaction.

Nexix prevents performance issues like the above and enhances what your network can do.

Leverage cutting-edge IT network services that optimize your data transfer rates and minimize latency. With our support, your network becomes maximally efficient.

In addition, we offer 24/7 customer support to address any issues that arise quickly. This way, we ensure technical glitches don’t have outsized impacts on your business.

Full-Time Network Management & Monitoring

Standard 9-5 schedules are a thing of the past, and with 60% of business owners using remote workers from 5 or more different time zones, modern work environments require modern networks and management.

In other words, when these workers face an issue with the network, they’ll need help no matter what time it is at head office.

Nexix’s network management services operate 24/7/365. No matter what day or time, you can rest assured your network is running smoothly and with protection.

Network Services in Vancouver
Network Support Services in Vancouver

Leverage Fast Response And Resolution Times

Data loss can cripple business operations and cause long-term damage to your business. While addressing these issues, your team won’t be able to use your network, which leads to hours of lost productivity.

At Nexix, our disaster recovery plan will include your IT network. Leverage a systematic recovery process that starts with damage assessment and ends with getting your business operations back to normal with no permanent losses.

We’ll supply detailed reports that keep you informed throughout the recovery process. We also conduct regular testing and ensure that your network is always updated.


What Makes IT Network Support Important?

IT network support ensures your computers and devices are able to communicate effectively. With it, you can avoid downtime, saving large amounts of time and money.

A well-supported network will also boost your business’s online security, keeping your data safe from attackers.

Reliable network support will even improve business performance by increasing speed, efficiency, and reliability.

What Is The Difference Between IT Support & Network Support?

IT support encompasses all issues with your computers, software, and hardware. It involves setting up new devices and troubleshooting software errors.

Network support focuses on the connectivity between all your business devices; it ensures that your network of computers, servers, and other hardware are able to interact effectively with one another.

Essentially, IT support keeps your devices running, while network support ensures smooth interactions between them.

Nexix outfits your business with both services for a complete tech solution.

Why Must I Outsource Professional Network Support?

Outsourcing professional network support offers a number of advantages.

You’ll get access to specialized expertise that can handle complex network issues at any time with 24/7 monitoring and support.

You’ll also avoid costs relating to training your in-house team and updating software.

It’s best to have your in-house team focus on critical tasks, with network experts maintaining system integrity and safety.

Will Your Network Support Services Protect My Remote Workforce?

Nexix’s network support services protect your entire company - including your remote workforce.

We make use of IP address identification to monitor and manage all devices connected to your network, regardless of the physical location of the device.

That way, you can rest assured that your remote employees are receiving the same level of support and security as those in the office. Whether your team primarily works from home, a coffee shop, or another country, Nexix makes sure they stay connected and safe.

Does Nexix Offer Network Support For Cloud Computing Systems?

Nexix features network support for private cloud computing systems. Our team manages the setup, security, and ongoing maintenance so you’ll get seamless integration with your existing network.

That way, you and your team can focus on core business activities, knowing that your cloud infrastructure is in good hands. It also preempts misconfigurations and ensures routine updates.

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