Vision & Mission

To enable individuals and businesses across the globe to understand the importance of technology through software development and digital channels.

Helping people and businesses increase productivity and improve business workflow through software development. Providing enterprise level solutions and creative ideas, we focus on a customer first approach to ensure the highest level of value is being delivered all the time.


Brand & Offerings

What’s trending?

Nexix offers complete software development and IT solutions tailored to your business and customer needs. Since opening the doors back in 2004, Nexix has been a valuable extension to many different clients in various industries with their biggest focus being the Medical and pharmaceutical. At the beginning of the journey, software development was the heart of the business developing mail order pharmacy software for tracking and tracing which led to business workflow software.

Fast forwarding to 2020, the company has built so much trust that COVID-19 testing labs and other medical facilities have been in contact with Nexix to inquire about their software solutions. Nexix is now building custom Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) for doctors and lab technicians to manage medical documents, tracking and tracing of vaccine results and much more. Developing a strong base of clientele across Canada and the US, Nexix has provided IT support with a service desk and ticketing system to manage and maintain IT environments.

While our core is software and application development, Nexix has continued to adapt as the tech world continues to change at a rapid pace. We have grown, expanding and providing web design and digital marketing, Nexix is amongst the experienced in the industry.

With a high demand for tracking, tracing, documenting testing, and vaccine results due to COVID-19, Nexix has been fortunate to be right in the mix. Providing in house Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) to multiple travel clinics and testing laboratories across Canada and the United States.

Our Team

Experienced Software Developers


Blaine Gibson



Adam M.

Lead Developer


Disha Devaiya

Systems Analyst


Bhavin Shah

Systems Analyst


Vishal Makwana

Systems Analyst


Justin Zilles

Project Manager


Ben Ashton

UX/UI & Web Developer

Our Values

 The Wise Touch

Technology moves fast and so do we. Our team is always adapting to new situations to ensure we are providing top quality workmanship. At Nexix you can always count on our team of experts to get the job done right every time.

Whenever you are investing a lot of money, you need to have confidence and trust in that brand or person you are purchasing from. You can count on our team to provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep you or your business running as efficient as possible. As with any business, it matters how people feel when experiencing your brand. We are known for having a stable infrastructure with top quality products and processes in place.

Integrity is a very important aspect of our business. The long-term relationships we have built over the last decade has led to great success for us. We provide custom solutions that are fair and relevant to you or your business needs.

All consumers have a positive experience with Nexix. Our team of experts take extra measures to ensure professionalism and quality workmanship is brought into the professional relationship when doing business with anyone or anything. Whether you have been working with us for a decade or just kicked things off yesterday, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and honesty everyone deserves.


Our Long Term Relationships.