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Calgary IT Consulting

Unlock the full potential of your IT systems with guidance from top IT consultants in Calgary.
IT Consulting in Calgary

Count on Reliable IT Consultants Who Always Put Your Needs First

When business owners choose Nexix consultants, 95% of them stay. Here are the reasons why.
Why choose Nexix for IT consulting in Calgary?

  • Optimize your hardware and software performance through our specialized, customer-centric IT consulting services.
  • Gain clarity on IT solutions with guidance from experts with over 16 years of helping Alberta business owners.
  • Scale sensibly by auditing your current system and creating a plan for future investments.
  • Simplify your IT management with straightforward, easy-to-use systems tailored for small business owners.
  • Leverage your current infrastructure. We’ll help you unlock capabilities of your current system to support your goals.

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Maximize Your Tech Budget With IT Management Consulting

Struggling with an IT budget that doesn't seem to stretch far enough is a common issue. The pressure to innovate while keeping costs low can be overwhelming.

Nexix offers IT management consulting to help you optimize your tech budget. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your current IT setup to identify cost-saving opportunities. We then recommend solutions that enhance efficiency and prepare you for future challenges.

With Nexix, you can maximize your resources to support innovation without budget overruns.

Keep Your IT & Business Strategies Perfectly Aligned

When IT and business strategies are out of sync, the result is often wasted resources and missed market opportunities. That can create a significant barrier between you and your business goals.

Nexix provides IT strategy consulting to help you align your technology plans with your larger goals. Our consultants can evaluate your current IT strategy and business objectives to create a unified, effective roadmap.

This ensures that every tech initiative directly supports your business.

Ensure Seamless Data Transfers

A network glitch can create a communication bottleneck. When data doesn’t flow as it should, video buffering, delayed emails, and dropped calls occur.

If this sounds familiar, you can count on Nexix’s network consulting to eliminate these bottlenecks. We’ll conduct a deep dive into your network's architecture so we can pinpoint the root causes of your data transfer issues.

Our consultants can then recommend a customized network solution that prioritizes speed, reliability, and scalability.

Fortify Your Cyber Defenses With Expert Advice

Cyber threats are evolving fast. Whenever technology changes, hackers will adapt. That means the need to constantly adapt to new cyber risks is crucial.

Nexix offers top cybersecurity consulting to help you stay ahead of fast evolving risks. We can perform regular assessments to check for any vulnerabilities in your defenses.

If any are found, we will provide actionable recommendations on how you can patch them.

Enhance Your Cloud Computing Strategy

Managing multiple cloud resources across your data center is a time-consuming task. When you’re struggling to keep track of it all, how can you possibly maximize the benefits of every resource?

Ask Nexix’s cloud consultants how you can streamline your application management and get more out of your cloud resources.

Our experts assess your current setup and design a private cloud solution that centralizes your applications, improving both performance and ease of management.


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You May Have All The Best Technology Solutions

But, are you using them to their fullest potential? Find out by consulting Calgary’s tech experts.

Why You Should Count on Nexix

Calgary IT Consulting

Discover New Ways to Streamline Your Business Processes

Inefficient technology can have a domino effect across your organization. When your technology is inefficient, your business processes will be too. This can balloon into unhappy clients, reduced morale, and lost profits.

Be sure that technology isn’t what holds your business back. Talk to IT consultants from Nexix to discover new ways to streamline your operations using technology.

Our team will take a look at what you’re already doing and suggest new ways to enhance it. If you do need new IT solutions, we’ll direct you to where you can find them.

Software Development, Maintenance, and Consulting

Software glitches and outdated systems can disrupt your business flow, causing delays and affecting customer satisfaction. These issues often require immediate attention but can consume significant time and resources.

Nexix offers software consulting services that go beyond just development.

We can analyze your existing software infrastructure and recommend upgrades. Our aim is to ensure that your software not only meets, but exceeds performance expectations.

We also perform ongoing support and preventive maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly. Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with every application.

IT Consulting Services in Calgary
IT Consulting Firm in Calgary

Ensure Continuous Business Operations Under Any Circumstances

Abrupt data loss disasters happen without warning and can have long-lasting effects. 93% of companies who lose their data for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within the year.

You need a solid plan to ensure that you don’t become one of them. Nexix offers specialized consulting in disaster recovery and business continuity so you can avoid that situation.

Our disaster recovery planning strategies pinpoint exactly how you can minimize damage and get back to normal fast.

We also perform daily, weekly, and monthly data backups to preserve your data integrity. Even if loss occurs, you still have the data you need to run your business.

IT Consulting Services FAQ

What Makes Nexix Unique As An IT Consulting Company?

At Nexix, we set ourselves apart by prioritizing your unique needs. Our agility in delivery stems from our size, allowing us to pivot quickly in response to your requests.

We also specialize in crafting bespoke IT solutions for smaller companies, ensuring you receive the personalized attention and customization you deserve.

Our commitment to reliable service ensures timely delivery and complete client satisfaction. It’s no wonder that 95% of clients who choose us, stay with us.

Why Should I Outsource IT Consultants When I Already Have An In-House Team?

Outsourcing to Nexix complements your in-house team by bringing specialized expertise and a fresh perspective to the table.

We can tackle complex projects or time-sensitive tasks, freeing up your internal resources for other strategic initiatives.

Our consultants offer a wealth of experience across various industries, providing you with innovative solutions that may not be readily apparent.

This collaborative approach enhances your existing capabilities and ensures the most effective use of your IT resources.

Does Nexix Also Provide VoIP Consulting?

Nexix offers VoIP consulting services to meet your business communication needs.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, enables voice calls through an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

Our team of experts will assist you in selecting, implementing, and managing a VoIP system tailored to your requirements.

We focus on ensuring a smooth transition, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness, so you can maximize the benefits of your VoIP investment.

What’s The Difference Between IT Consulting & Technology Consulting?

IT consulting deals with your computer systems and software. It focuses specifically on information technology and usually also involves a certain level of business consulting too.

Technology consulting services cover a wider range of tech solutions, beyond just IT. This may include artificial intelligence, big data, or IoT (Internet-of-Things).

At Nexix, we provide both IT and technology consulting services, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Is Hiring An IT Consulting Team Really A Cost-Effective Choice?

Hiring an IT consulting team can be a more cost-effective choice for your business.

At Nexix, we understand budget constraints and focus on recommending only essential IT solutions that offer high value without breaking the bank.

By identifying and fixing issues early, optimizing your IT infrastructure, and providing expert advice, we help you avoid costly mistakes and downtime.

This allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

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