The Nexix Core

Software Development

Business Workflow software is a very effective solution to improve productivity. With over a decade of experience, Nexix has been developing workflow software and web-based mobile applications that are tailored for your business. Custom software is a long-term cost effective solution that has much more flexibility then out of the box software. Reduce your costs today!

Laboratory Information System

Due to COVID-19 many laboratories and technicians are looking for solutions to improve productivity and workflow. The Nexix LIS is an intuitive in-house laboratory management system that integrates with qPCR machines. Whether you’re opening a COVID-19 testing lab or operating a research lab, the Nexix LIS is a cost effective solution for any type of laboratory.

Custom Web Solutions

As we all know the pandemic has caused lots of change. The fact is everyone is stuck at home and they are searching the internet. Online traffic has increased significantly throughout the last couple of years. Whether you’re looking to create a new website for your new business or refresh an exisiting website to increase online traffic then contact one of our experts today!

Nexix LIS

Laboratory Information System

Nexix offers an intuitive in-house laboratory Information System (LIS) that integrates with Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction machines (qPCR).

The Nexix LIS has the flexibility to run in the cloud or on-premise depending on your requirements. Our enterprise level system enables labs to increase productivity and workflow operations.     

Due to COVID-19 causing a high demand for tracking and tracing of test results, the Nexix LIS has been a valuable extension to various laboratories across Canada and the United States. Whether you’re setting up a new COVID-19 testing lab or simply just looking to improve workflow in an existing facility, our software can be a very effective solution for you.


Our Experience

Due to the quality workmanship and high level of customer service, Nexix has built a favorable reputation that continues to grow through word of mouth.

In with the new and out with the old is something we hear every so often, the same goes for the team at Nexix. As the tech world evolves, so do we. With new strategies and techniques evolving, ourteam has recognized the importance of growing, adapting and thinking into the future.

Based on extraordinary experiences our team is very well diversified. Our experiences working in several different medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, testing facilities and various other industries has resulted in a diverse team that has the knowledge to deliver appropriate solutions tailored to your business’s needs, goals and objectives.

Sixteen years of quality service across Canada and the United States and over fifty years combined of industry leading experience, our team of experts have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right every time.