Vancouver IT Outsourcing

Vancouver IT Outsourcing

Take technology off your to-do list and spend more time working toward your long-term business goals by handing IT off to us.
IT Outsourcing in Vancouver

Eliminate Recurring IT Issues, Take Control of Your Budget

Save money while improving business operations with outsourced managed services in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Why choose Nexix for IT outsourcing in Vancouver?

  • Take advantage of enterprise IT services without inflating your budget with a leading IT outsourcing company in Vancouver.
  • Keep your data secure with our routine daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
  • Leverage 15-minute average response times whenever a critical IT issue is identified.
  • Get peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring and resolve issues before they impact your business.
  • Align your IT strategy effectively with business goals via our highly skilled project managers.

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End-to-End IT Outsourcing

IT Management

Elevate the efficiency of your IT infrastructure with our Vancouver-based IT outsourcing and management services, allowing you to focus more on core business activities.

IT Support

Experience lasting resolutions to your IT challenges through our comprehensive support services, emphasizing thorough, in-depth assistance.

Cloud Services

Enhance your business operations with our cloud services, including expert cloud consulting, effective cloud computing and private cloud hosting solutions tailored to your Vancouver business needs.

Cybersecurity Services

Secure your digital environment with our world-class managed cybersecurity services, offering robust and resilient protection for your Vancouver business.

IT Consulting

Streamline your IT initiatives with our Vancouver IT consulting services, ensuring your IT strategy is perfectly aligned with your overarching business objectives.

Network Administration

Delegate your network administration to our Vancouver IT outsourcing team for a secure, resilient network foundation that bolsters seamless business processes.

System Monitoring

Achieve optimal network performance continuously with our remote monitoring services, ensuring your Vancouver business stays connected and efficient.

Disaster Recovery

Collaborate with us to formulate a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, guaranteeing quick restoration and minimal disruption to your Vancouver business operations.

Email & Spam Filtering

Minimize unwanted email and enhance your cybersecurity with our specialized email and spam filtering solutions, designed to boost productivity and security for Vancouver businesses.


Delivering Results Via Customized Services

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How Nexix Excels

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Work With IT Outsourcing in Vancouver That Understands Your Business

Tailored services, personalized attention. That’s why over 250 businesses trust us.

Vancouver IT Outsourcing Services

Vancouver IT Outsourcing

Customer Service Focus & Cost-Effective Solutions

Numerous small business proprietors face challenges in locating cost-effective IT services that genuinely align with their distinct requirements.

Our comprehensive range of IT services brings the advantages of large-scale corporate IT solutions, minus the extravagant costs or overarching goals.

Our adaptable solutions are not just a match for your present IT demands but are also crafted to evolve alongside your business’s growth.

Flexible Service Contracts

Although B2B agreements furnish a framework and legal safeguards, incorporating flexibility is crucial for a harmonious balance.

Adaptable contracts leave room for regular review and open communication, which can help craft a long-lasting, fruitful relationship.

At Nexix, we prioritize this flexibility in every service-level agreement we offer. While maintaining a predictable, manageable monthly cost, we also provide you the liberty to adjust your service scale as needed.

IT Outsourcing Services in Vancouver
IT Outsourcing Firm in Vancouver

Simplify IT for Your Business

The intricate nature of technology systems frequently poses significant challenges for many, leading to underused resources and diminished productivity.

Nexix provides advanced technology solutions that streamline this complexity.

Our emphasis lies in making technology both accessible and impactful. By simplifying your technological interactions, you can enhance both efficiency and productivity in your business processes.

Enhance Your In-House Abilities

Many companies face a challenge with IT skill gaps. In fact, 70% of organizations in Canada view this as a major impediment.

Nexix presents a solution to this prevalent issue. We offer IT support specifically tailored to augment and amplify the skills of your existing team.

Our services are strategically designed to bridge crucial skill gaps, thereby empowering your internal IT staff to accomplish more, without the need for replacement.Embrace the opportunity to enhance your team’s capabilities and drive your business ahead with advanced technological expertise that lend a competitive advantage.

Vancouver IT Outsourcing


What is the Difference Between Break/Fix IT Services and Managed IT Services?

Break/fix IT services are reactive services. You hire IT engineers for one-time services. Since break/fix is charged hourly and you don’t have a team optimizing IT proactively, costs can ramp up rapidly with recurring issues.

With outsourced managed IT services, a business delegates its IT operations to a managed service provider (MSP). The MSP then assumes complete accountability for your IT infrastructure.

It typically delivers proactive support, consistent maintenance, and ongoing performance monitoring. Since pricing is monthly, you can plan budgets in advance and keep costs within check.

Who Needs Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are perfectly suited for businesses seeking to concentrate on their primary functions without the hassle of handling intricate IT systems. They are particularly advantageous for small businesses, which might not have the resources to sustain a full-time IT department.

Businesses in search of cost-efficient options also stand to gain from managed IT services. These services bring specialized expertise, minimize the risk of operational downtime, reduce costs, and proactively address potential IT challenges.

What is Included in Managed IT?

Managed IT services encompass a comprehensive range of support and management functions within the IT realm. Key services include round-the-clock system monitoring, regular data backups, efficient troubleshooting, and robust cybersecurity measures.

These services are customized to align with the unique requirements of each business, guaranteeing thorough management and maintenance of a company's IT infrastructure. This ensures seamless and effective operational processes.

How Can Managed IT Services Benefit My Business?

Incorporating managed IT services can greatly improve your business's operational efficiency.

When IT management is outsourced, your team is free to concentrate on primary business tasks instead of being sidetracked by IT-related problems, thus boosting overall productivity. Additionally, managed IT services often prove to be more cost-effective than employing a full-time, internal IT team. This approach grants you access to a group of seasoned professionals, equipped with cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity measures, which significantly lowers the likelihood of operational downtime.

How Is Nexix Managed IT Service Different From Other Providers?

Nexix stands out among managed IT service providers due to our quick response times, ensuring speedy resolution of issues.

We prioritize security to keep your business safe and secure. Our flexible contract options avoid lengthy commitments unless absolutely essential.

Our company's scale enables us to provide agile and rapid service and cost savings. These qualities position Nexix as an effective and versatile choice for your business's IT management needs.

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