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The Importance of an Online Presence

With the year we’ve had in 2020, many of us know that having an online presence in 2020 is crucial. In the digital world we live in, it’s very important for small, medium and large corporations to all have an online presence. It’s a fact that Digital marketing channels benefit any size of business.


Everyone is Online

Due to COVID-19 and even before, many users and consumers are spending lots of time online. In relation to the pandemic, many retail stores were closed temporary, causing a huge spike for online shopping. The average Canadian spends 3 to 4 hours online daily, according to (Canada’s internet fact book,2019). As a result, all companies should have some sort of online presence. Whether it be a website, social media accounts, Blogs or paid advertising, you need to build your brand online.



As mentioned earlier, we’re all online. Not only does having a website or social media account drive more customers, it’s about building your loyalty and credibility online. Believe it or not, people search for companies online everyday. One of the most effective ways to market your brand is to be consistent with the content through all your digital marketing channels. For example, when writing a Blog, be sure to tell a story and write about the same content you are writing about on all other channels such as, website content, social media, Paid advertising etc.



In the digital age we live in, we always assume website content. Meanwhile, there are a number of different content management elements. Many common ones such as, website content, Blogs/Vlogs, case studies, newsletters and social media posts are used everyday in digital marketing. Often times, a company’s website content can be the first, last and only content a user sees. In order to attract a potential customer through your website content, it should include simple sentences, visually appealing and most of all, relevant to your target audience. Keywords are a huge part to optimizing your content. Whether it’s your website content, or social posting, you need to include keywords that your potential customers are searching for.



I always like to say, your website is the foundation of your online presence. Your website should reflect your brand through the (UX) User Experience design and images that are displayed throughout all pages. Having content on your website is great, however relevant content, engaging content for your target audience is the key. I know many can say they do have a website for their business, but what exactly is that website generating for you is the question. Is the design responsive, did you create the design with the user experience in mind, does the design relate to your brand? When it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimization, is the content optimized?  Did you create the design with the user experience in mind? Does the website represent your brand?

There are so many strategies you can implement to your website. The key is knowing which are the best digital marketing strategies for you!


All of the above sections are forms of digital marketing strategies that any size business can benefit from. When you sit back and reflect on your online presence, really think to yourself, what current digital marketing strategies are in place. Perhaps, you may not have a website, but you have an Instagram and Facebook account. Having to little or to much is never a bad thing, it’s about understanding your brand and creating a presence that is consistent through all of your digital marketing channels.


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