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Business Workflow Software

Business workflow software is a great solution to improve your business productivity. With over a decade of experience, Nexix has been developing custom workflow software since we started in 2004. We build systems that are tailored for your business, staff, and clients.

Scalability is one edge of the software. Thus, the system grows with you to serve your business. Not only is it cost effective, it also has much more flexibility for customization. Compared to many SaaS solutions or out of the box software, business workflow is elite.

Contact our great team of developers to learn how we can improve your business’s productivity and reduce company costs. Also, improve your workflow management through our software. Schedule your free discovery session today!

// Software Development

Our Production

We begin projects with a discovery session. This way, we can get a look at your current infrastructure and determine your business goals and objectives. A concrete knowledge of your business is vital before providing any solutions for your organization.


The build phase is the earliest phase in which you start to see resemblance of the final product. Due to our developers involvement during this phase, they will often need to confirm things with the product owner and the testers.


Quality assurance is one of the most important processes during development. Our testers put the code through its paces. In turn, we check for code quality, bugs, and evidence of safe development principals. Furthermore, we ensure the code meets the stated goals for the project.


Often called 'deployment', this execution phase takes code and puts it where people can put it to use. The output from this stage is useable software. At this stage, your project manager will communicate with you while our developers focus on deploying the software. It doesn't stop here; we provide on-going support and maintenance to ensure your system is up to date with the latest versions of technology and running smoothly.


// Our Core

Popular Languages & Frameworks We Use


Since 1995, Java has been a fast, secure, and reliable language. It is widely used for major apps.


JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web. 


Angular is the heart of our mobile & web apps. This Type-Script-based open-source framework is great for building apps. 


The most common use for MySQL is the purpose of a web database. Therefore, we use MySQL for majority of our back-end apps.

Please Note: The above programming languages and frameworks are common ones we use, but we are not limited to them. Our software developers utilize a variety of others such as WordPress, React, C+, C++ and many more! It’s best to schedule a discovery session with us. First and foremost, we can analyze and asses your requirements. Subsequently, we will determine the most appropriate solution to provide you. Let’s get started on your software development!