App Development

Business technology applications for desktop and mobile. Our Calgary app team is here to help with your application development needs.

App Development

Web & Mobile-Based Angular Applications

Whether you’re looking to build a web-based application or web-based mobile application, our team has you covered.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace in this digital age. Our team team of developers at Nexix Inc. have a repository of tried and true code and an environment of innovation to ensure your app is robust, streamlined and efficient. 

Custom Applications

Mobile & Web-Based Application Development For Android & IOS

Any time you deal with your customer you want the experience to be superior.   Rich Internet Applications (RIA) provide an experience that is much more rewarding and productive than a traditional web-based solution.

For your staff, the application needs to be designed to captivate the user, while at the same time enhancing productivity through the client interface. Business rules can be programmed and delivered to desktops for a far better performance than what web page solutions can offer.

The applications we build for you, will have the responsiveness and interactivity of a desktop application with the broad reach and ease of distribution of a web application. Rich Internet Applications drive increased return on investment by simplifying and improving the user interaction.


Some languages and frameworks we use