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The Nexix LIS

What Is an LIS? 

A Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a software system that records, manages and stores data for clinical laboratories. In today’s healthcare world, almost all laboratories require a dedicated LIS system to manage the complexities of lab testing. 

These types of information systems designed for laboratories play a key role in meeting quality control standards, improving workflow, implementing automation and streamlining overall lab production. 

The electronic data capture process of an LIS or LIMS can reduce time spent and cut out errors associated with the transcribing process. Don’t think for a second that it only improves the ‘transcribing process’; it’s evident that an LIS can improve overall business production and workflow.

In reality, many laboratories still rely on manual processes such as spreadsheets to organize and store their data. Although applications like ‘Excel’ can work for smaller labs, this type of manual method isn’t customizable, scalable and increases the chances of human errors.

Workflow Overview

All inbound laboratories must be reconciled with a matching specimen. Once the process has been completed, the orders are registered. The accessioning can occur by either manual entry or by finding the orders placed electronically; of course, the electronic way is much more efficient and less of a risk for error. Following this, a “case” number is generated, which follows the case through diagnosis on to the final report. At this time, labels will be generated as necessary.

The beauty of the Nexix LIS is that it has the ability to customize reports to tailor for you and your brand. Whether you want a system that runs in the cloud or on-premise, you don’t need to worry because our system can do both. At the end of the day, if you’re looking to improve lab production and workflow management for any type of laboratory, then our LIS is the right system for you. 

 Our In-House System

The Nexix (LIS) is an intuitive in-house Laboratory Information System that integrates with dx7500 and other Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines. Our LIS has the ability to run in the cloud or on-premise to fit your laboratories needs and requirements. 

User – Friendly Dashboards 

The Nexix Laboratory Information System (LIS) provides custom statistical reports, charts, and tables to ensure exceptional user experience. 

Users can track management efficiency and laboratory productivity by monitoring performance metrics like test volumes, turnaround times, client performance and client satisfaction. They can also track accurate real-time data like patient demographics, client information, case status, and test information that can easily be shared across the organization, and the information gained through these operational analytics can be used to make better-informed business decisions.

Key Features 

  • Detailed specimen tracking
  • Live test results in less than 30 minutes
  • Integrates with DX7500 & other PCR systems
  • Custom reports designed for your brands and layout needs
  • Scalable, the system can grow with you
  • Support Ticketing system
  • Unlimited patient accounts

Here are some further details on Our LIS; https://www.nexix.com/laboratory-information-system/


 In conclusion, a well developed and implemented LIS that is tailored towards the specific workflows of various laboratories will allow for increased efficiencies and improved health record documentation. A system that is integrated with a laboratory’s instrumentation will allow for automated processes reducing the risk for any type of manual errors.

 The Nexix Laboratory Information System has been designed with all laboratories in mind. Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based software or an on-premise solution, our LIS will work for you. We are proud that our product can play a crucial role in the rapidly evolving pandemic we’re all experiencing. 

 If you’re looking to improve workflow within your laboratory then contact us to book your free demo today!



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